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Golden Gai G2 2nd Floor, 1-1-10 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo JAPAN
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Jyrki Pohjola”Much love from Helsinki, hope to visit again in better times!” Ernst August Graefe”🖤” Olli Aalto”<3” Jeanne Brown “Visiting your bar was one of the most moving experiences with visual art I’ve ever had. Stay well. This isn’t much but I hope it helps.” Aneel De Albuquerque “Keep the vibes going brother!” Hoglet shop “My favourite bar ever, can’t wait to visit you soon x” Michael Carr “Best experience in Tokyo. Don’t let this die!” Susumu Kamijo, Nicolas Olier “Looking fwd to have some dark n stormy soon at nightingale ❤️” Craig Birrell“Visited with my girlfriend in September 2018, amazing bar, great music and you’re a very welcoming host. All the best!” Cory Butcher “I visited in January,awesome spot, friendly people, great music. I hope this helps.” Jonathan Ben-Menachem“Good luck!!! Visiting bar nightingale was the highlight of my last japan trip” Tropical Cop“The best bar in the world. 👽👍” Alex David, Koto Kurasawa“The most precious place in Tokyo 💓” LaTurbo Avedon“trust your technolust” terribledrums“Best bar in the world, best owner in the world , thank you forever” Henrique Matias“Thanks for the amazing times on the bar! I’m looking forward to coming back and visit you again! Big love” Morgan Gu“For the loveliest bar in Tokyo” Team Morgan“One of the best nights of my life was hanging at your bar in January! Thank you for all the great recommendations and whiskeys!” R5 Productions LLC“🙏🙏🙏” Nicholas Dwyer“Thank you for all of the inspiration Hatanaka-san. I hope I can see you again someday soon” Andre Jürgens, Daniel Harle“Huge ❤️ from Danny” Hospital Productions“see you again !” Edward Beaver“hopefully this helps just a little masaru, eternal love for creating one of the most special spaces in this world and hopefully will see you back there very soon” Alban Adam“Cant wait to visit again 🙏🏻” Abby Reeves“with 3 from Melbourne - still dream about this place” Kael Driscoll“Dear Masuru, meeting you in Bar Nightingale was a true inspiration to me and I will always treasure our musical discussions together. You have directly influenced my confidence to set up Stellar Beams and release my music. I wish I could give you more. I will release some music dedicated to your Bar and ask people to donate to you. Respect to you, my friend. Kael.” Momosuke Araki“🌞” Ahmet Uslu“Tokyo wont be the same without Nightingale”Ruoru Mou, Eddie G.“Hi Masaru! Please say hello to chiro for me, stay strong dude I will bring you another tab of acid the next time I come to Tokyo! Much love xoxo Eddie G.”Andrea Chiu“A special place” Joshua Agran“I visited your bar in 2017 and fell in love immediately, my philly crew were there last winter partying shirtless and I was able to join them via FaceTime. I hope to visit again!!!” Kevin Micka“I look forward to listening to records with you again someday my friend.” Ryan Sawyer“Quality existence” katie malia“best bar in the world. stay strong masaru! 🦇🖤” ECHO PARK SURF SQUAD”Otsukaresama 🍻!!!!! Hope to see you in Tokyo soon!!!!” Brigitte Türk“lots of love from Amsterdam ❤️” Jeffrey Ziga“Bar Nightingale must remain open ! Thank you Masaru.” Jake Friedman“keep the lights off” Eli Keszler“Love from New York, - Eli” Maruyama Gonzalez“thank you masaru san” Toni Bourgeois“Love from Philadelphia ❤️” Hugo Jean“Helped me when I was stuck and lost outside in Tokyo at 3 am once, forever grateful. Best nights in Tokyo were spent at Nightingale. “ Alexander Samuels“From Azuki the Bean! Liebe Grüße aus Berlin” David Chang“The best bar in Japan (and maybe the world) for obscure experimental music and drinks. I hope I can visit again soon after the “State of Emergency” ends. David” Benjamin Palmer“Thank you for the BEST night of music and dancing last year with Viktoria and Hank & crew. Keep your Nightingale safe and we will make it our first stop when we come back to Tokyo next year ! 3 BP+Viktoria” Logic Lost“best thing about golden gai” Andy Nelson“🚫👕” Julie Kim“Bar Nightingale Forever” Imene Drir“Bon courage Masarusan! You got this! Hope to visit you from NYC! À bientôt!” Nakano Yusuke, Christopher Albee, Luke Younger / Helm “Good luck! All the best from London, hope to visit again one day.” Ali Emir Tapan, Nihar, “Nightingale is one of my favorite places in the world.” Yukari Takanose“畠中さん、日本に全然帰れていないためお店にお邪魔できていません。少ないですが、どうぞあの素敵な空間の維持に使ってください。 遠くから応援しております。” Astral industries / Space Cadets Ltd. “What would I do in Tokyo without you? :)” Jose Manuel Medina Valle“Dear Masaru-san, sending you a small contribution I hope it helps and looking forward to visiting again next time I'm in Tokyo. All the best from Bangkok. Stay safe! Joe.” Mikk Madisson“Cheers!” louis carnell - Visionist, Björn Eichhorn“Hey Masaro, I often came to your bar during my exchange year in Tokyo last year! Nightingale has been one of my favorite places during this time and I'm still discovering so much amazing music through your instagram! Please keep this cultural pearl alive! All the best from Paris Björn Eichhorn” Manuel Von Rotz”Hope to come back one day. All the best to you” Victoire Simonney, Adam Dawson“My life in Tokyo wouldn't be the same without you. Adam” Miika Keränen“コーヒー焼酎 madness never stop” Matt Gollock“Gomen, I can't offer more.” Hugo Mathieu“Please stay 🦾🦾🦾” Adi Putra“good luck mate !” Mauro Mongiello“We love you !!!!” David Thiel“頑張れ” Christopher Klüter“I will imagine a few plum brandy’s with mineral water at home in Denmark. ❤️”Carlo Alberto Dall'Amico“Back in 2017, we were strolling golden gai, when we heard noise music coming out of a room above us. We decided to check it out, inside we connected with Masaru over redbull music academy and Dome/Cupol. I bought a Nightingale t-shrt, which coincidentally i am wearing today when I read this. Keep on going strong Masaru! Love from Berlin, Carlo” Mirror Mountain Inc., “One of my favorite bars in the literal world. It’s a global icon and I’ll support it until I die.” Anton Bialas“✊🏼” Jake Fischer“truly the best bar in the word. masaru and travis, hope you are both taking care! can’t wait for us sapiens to reconnect and listen to some kid606. much love from NY! - jake” Genie Hong, Levy Julien, Krikor Kouchian“Keep up my friend! Hope we encounter soon!” Diana Chow“Masa, I cherish bar nightingale and my memories there. Your love and appreciation for music and art are so clear to anyone who visits. I’ll be sharing this fundraiser with the group of friends I went with. 3” James Koon Kwun Tsang“Cheers!” Benjamin Taylor“Take care Masaru from us arseholes in Australia - Niiboy” Angel Deradoorian“Thank you for bar nightingale. I tell all my friends to go there when they visit Japan. I hope you survive through this hard time! Much love! -Angel Deradoorian” Peter Martel, Mark Racette, Arthur Naulot, Randy Wedick“Best bar in the world”, 松尾 彩子, 尾林 啓紀“Your bar is like a shelter for me. Hope to visit you very soon” A Strangely Isolated Place “Things like this can’t disappear. Gems of the world. Good luck I hope to visit again soon.” Jesse Hutchence“Had the pleasure of visiting in November before everything went wrong - My favourite bar on earth. I wish I had more to give and hoping you get through this. Jesse”Calum Fewster“This isn't much but I hope it helps. You and your bar are such an important part of Tokyo for me. It's an interesting place in a world that is slowly becoming less interesting. Big love from Melbourne Australia. I hope to visit again as soon and bring you more honey. Love Calum” Johann Smith“You touch our hearts.” Patrick Marchwiak, Charlie Kelman“See you when the world is back to life 3 FEARSAFE” Emily Yoshida“I love your bar, and I can’t wait til I can return. Best of luck to you ❤️🙏” Andrea Pergola, Janet Sung“thanks so much! love ur bar, we went in april 2018 ❤️❤️” Richard Costa, “I hope this helps. Hope to see you again! All the best, Richard” rickygraham’s Store“I hope to come back soon!” David Burgos“I was hoping to visit this space in March for the first time. Hoping very soon!!!!” Barbara Bertisch“Thank you from NYC!” Naomi Butterfield, Clara Deshayes“Thank you for everything Masaru, love and respect” Henry Lockyer, 22 Acacia Consulting Inc, Motiongazer, Omer Shapira”walked in completely randomly after hearing noise music from the street, and saw 0PN’s name spray painted on the piano. I knew it’s going to be my Tokyo go-to. Let’s keep it this way.” 棟廣 敏男“keep'in rock!” Travis Klose.
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